101 [ b ]

April 12, 2012 in backstory by Ambassador

Recording an invisible scan of the face before her was all that Ambassador could do while the weapon pressed against her cranium.   And the deceiver was pulling the trigger – until three sharp cracking sounds emitted from his right leg.  His movements stopped in silent alarm.

Ambassador’s hand was already in position there as her neck was being grabbed seconds ago. “Whatever your purpose is in this,” she began, “please understand that, with one more squeeze, the eschelon solenoids in your cybernetic leg will amplify its pulse into your blood stream and end you in less than ten seconds.  Your hopes for a favorable outcome in this attempt will be for naught.  In more ways than one.”

Low, livid grunts could be heard underneath every growing heave of breath that came out of the assaulter until he finally tore away swiftly in a backward leap with his left leg, making another attempt to attack from mid-air as he shot the weapon toward Ambassador’s chest.  But her Self Defense mode was already up the moment he let go of her, and the ammunition dissolved into nothing against a shield-like force surrounding her as she regained her composure.

The clamoring sound from his broken implant could be heard under muffling leather as he fell to the ground.  He hurriedly lifted to a crouching position, weapon aimed, as he used his left arm and leg to support his uneven weight.  He spat several colorful insulting names in Ambassador’s direction, which actually hurt her worse than the physical aggravations.  Somewhere in the swarm of insults she heard him express his frustration of how she “woke up so soon” from the drug he heavily laced into her drink the night before.

“How is it,” she spoke with a calm, almost ghost-like tone, “that your right leg was the only thing real about you?  Why were you not the friend I thought –”
“Just -thinking- about explaining anything to you is a waste of time,”  the man growled, “But from here on, you will be well-known.  I have many consorts – and enemies – who will relish the info on you.”

Ambassador’s beams lit the spot where the man hunched, getting a full scan of him this time.
Turn iT OFF!” He roared, unable to reach the button to change his image again due to his present calamity.  He fired his weapon just to distract, only a few pulses before Ambassador’s light beams dimmed out again.

|Full scan complete.|
|Match found.|
|Alerting Ferris Military Enforcements…|

(An alert!  A way to contact home!  Why did it take such circumstances for me to rediscover this ability?)  Ambassador couldn’t help but be distracted for a fleeting moment by this tremendous surprise.

Her voice now gained new confidence as she spoke to the man.  “It seems you are already well-known.  Enforcements have been alerted.  Remain stationary, Alexin Khir Gald-”

The man snapped a loud interjection as he stumbled down, losing his aim, and reached for the same button that changed  his form.  Only this time, he disappeared altogether.  Ambassador stood alone in the dimly streaked dark room.

|Unable to contact Ferris Military Enforcements.  No response.|
|Attempt 2, Alerting Ferris Military Enforcements….|
|Unable to contact Ferris Military Enforcements.  No response.|
|Attempt 3, Alerting Ferris Military Enforcements….|
|Unable to contact Ferris Military Enforcements.  No response.|
|Attempt 4, …|

Dumbfounded, Ambassador slumped down, back against the dented, shedding wall as she felt her adrenaline sink as well as her heart.

How could it possibly be that she cannot contact home now?  Why are they not responding?

Then, through the numbing shock, she felt tears streaming from her eyes.  The tiny stings from these tears seemed to her like small, repeating whispered messages; as if to tell her, “It’s time.” “Let go.”

With this, Ambassador released a floodgate of emotion as she sobbed into her hands.