Rolling Out the Crimson Carpet

April 22, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador continues her stroll around the neighborhood. She spots Lawrence Celestalis in the short distance.  She decides to approach Mr. Lawrence, hoping it wont’ be a bother…

Ambassador: “Good day, Mr. Lawrence. It’s good to see you.”
She bows politely.

Lawrence Celestalis turns, pretending not to have spotted Ambassador since she got out of her apartment.
“A true pleasure to meet you, how are you?”  He bows.

Ambassador: “Sir, if you have a minute…?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Of course.”

Ambassador looks down, carefully wording things…
“My personal circumstances have become… very strained, you see. I have taken residence in this city for an indefinite period of time, but though I’ve not much need for income, I… well, I simply feel like I must do something around here. It is very hard to find employment in Hangars.  Do you know where a good place to start is?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “I know it is. A good place to start is here and now. What are your skills, if I may ask?”

Ambassador: “I, well, I…”  She looks down and shrugs. “I am an Ambassador.  It’s really all that I know.  I have studied business and law, and…  it seems quite a challenge to apply here.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “I imagine you have quite a good knowledge of languages, as well?”

Ambassador: “I do, but that knowledge goes in and out; Words and phrases change with the times in many places, you know. And it seems I’ve been… occupied.. for quite a while before finding myself here.  I still try my best, though…”  she smiles shyly.

Lawrence Celestalis: “That’s good. Being an ambassador, I’m sure you know the basics of self defense. This is not connected to the job you may do for me, but to this dangerous town.”

Ambassador: “For you? What… business is it that you do?”  She tilts her head in curiosity, blinking.

Lawrence Celestalis: “We deal in past centuries arts and antiques.”

Ambassador: “Oh, that’s lovely!”  She clasps her hands happily.
Ambassador: “I don’t see the danger in such a business!”

Lawrence Celestalis: “My armour and the weapons, I wear them to discourage thieves.  And yes, my job is dangerous, we have many robbery attempts.”

Ambassador nods slowly, coming to better realizations…
Ambassador: “I see. It seems I should do the same, then. If I work for you… What is it, exactly, that you would have me do?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Legal affairs and P.R.”

Ambassador: “I’m not quite familiar yet with what laws are enforced in Hangers, I’m afraid, if any. From what I’ve come to know, there is very little enforcement, in fact… And not much to count on in the form of Government.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “We deal with other cities and sometimes other out-world colonies. We have a large legal database. I only need someone to take care of contracts and transactions.”

Ambassador nods, hoping that her opinions have not overstepped here.

Ambassador:  “Understood, then. I have much to learn from you, Sir, by way of Hangar’s legality. I hope you will allow me to be apprenticed by you in these things. I will do my best to learn and be of help.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “I appreciate your approach. We mainly deal with other cities as I said, Hangars is more of a safe base. I have to say my team is trained for defense and I am a former military myself, so not many dare to attack us;  Still, security is an important issue, to me. Have you got a weapon or something embedded in your chassis?”

Ambassador could not help but giggle at the term ‘chassis’ being used to describe her, but she continued on.
Ambassador:  “I have a few defensive abilities, yes, which I would like to explain at a time when we are in a more private setting. I will not mind making it clear at that time. I hope you understand…”
Ambassador nods sincerely.

Lawrence Celestalis: “I’m only concerned about your safety, Ambassador, you are free to let me know at due time, there’s no hurry at all. For the moment, welcome to Crimson Merchants Ltd.  …and my compliments for your elegance!”

Ambassador smiles at the warmth of Lawrence’s kind consideration.

Ambassador:  “Thank you, Sir, you are most kind.”

Celestalis removes the flip from his eyes.
Lawrence Celestalis:  “Oh, and the wage for the first three months is 4.500 credits per month.”  He extends a black and red credcard.
Lawrence Celestalis:  “This will be working in about four hours and will have the first month already available, should you have expenses for your new life in Hangars.”

Ambassador receives the card with both hands gently, feeling a certain new weight of responsibility, and hopes that she’s doing the right thing.
Ambassador:  “Thank you , Mr. Lawrence… Where and when, then, shall I begin my training? And should I wear specific armored clothing when I do?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “You should always protect yourself when in town, and yes, armoured clothing is a warning to ill-intentioned people.  Though, I think residents got the feeling it’s not a good idea to try to attack us by now. Due to the very nature of our goods we don’t have an office, but more apartments for meetings and secret warehouses.  I’ll see you tomorrow at my flat to start reviewing legal data and to explain you the basics of our business, if that is alright to you.”

Ambassador nods reassuringly.
Ambassador:  “I understand.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Is nine thirty a good time for you?”

She pauses for at least two seconds as her programming sets the scheduled time in her system. She suddenly speaks again.
Ambassador:  “Nine-thirty. Yes Sir. I will be there.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Do you remember how to get there? If you don’t have a vehicle or some kind of jet pack, I can come pick you up.”

She nods again, the route from her set home location to Laurence’s apartment appearing inside of her mind.
Ambassador:  “Yes, I remember. Thank you, though, for your offer.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “If you need a vehicle, we surely can provide one.”

Ambassador decides against turning down an offer given a second time around.
Ambassador: “Yes then, a vehicle would be helpful, thank you.”

Lawrence Celestalis:  “That’s good, you’ll choose one tomorrow, then.  Thank you for accepting my offer, Ambassador and…we will need a name tomorrow, for your contract, you know?”

Ambassador chuckles, nodding once again.
Ambassador:  “Yes, indeed.”  She holds out her hand, and looks Lawrence in the eye.
Ambassador:  “Lalei. Just… ‘Lalei’.”

He extends his hand.
Lawrence Celestalis: “Welcome aboard, Lalei!”

Ambassador shakes his hand firmly as she’d always been trained to in the past. She looks up and smiles.
Ambassador:  “I will see you tomorrow, then.”

Celestalis smiles.
Lawrence Celestalis:  “Have a good night, Lalei.”

Ambassador bows and turns to leave. The night air is peaceful around her, and she smiles considering the upcoming endeavors…

Lawrence Celestalis extracts a small remote from his armour and pushes a button. A hovercar unshields and appears in the street…