Solace Apartment: Getting to Know

April 23, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador enters into the lounging area that her new-found friends invited her into once before.

Mira Kamiguwa looks over to to Ambassador.
Mira Kamiguwa: “Oh, hello again.” She notices the space suit this time.

While taking in the window’s panoramic view, she hears a lady’s voice. Turning, she finds the young lady she met at the massive crash site.
Ambassador: “Good day to you.”

Mira Kamiguwa: “Have you been in orbit or just arrived to earth?”

Ambassador takes a seat.  She notices the hot, steaming mug of coffee that someone has left on the seat near her.. She takes a fleeting second to remember just what coffee tastes like.
Ambassador: “I’ve been in this city for quite some time now.”

Mira Kamiguwa smiles, “So just feeling comfortable in that suit, of course,” she says as if she had solved her own question… “I’m still curious what part of the galaxy you have come from, Ambassador. You are not from Mars I am guessing?”

Ambassador looks up. “Ferris Providence, an orbiting colony”, she replies. “It orbits nearby Earth.  It is where I was born and raised.  I have visited Mars, however, several times…”
She recalls her past meetings in Mars, at different stations…

Mira Kamiguwa: “Oh, seems familiar. I have gotten a growing interest in Mars since I’ve heard of a new type of cybernetic virus on the planet. I guess you wouldnt know about it then…?”

Ambassador: A virus? No, I do not know of any recent virus there…  I’ve been a bit… ‘out-of-touch’ with recent happenings outside of Hangars as of late, I’m afraid… Has the planet been quarantined? Or, is it safe to ask?”
Ambassador considers the possibility of the answer being confidential information…

Mira Kamiguwa shakes her head, “No not from what I have heard; its still open but dangerous for cybernetics.  I guess your not cybernetic right?”

Ambassador: “I am, partly… I’ll be sure to stay away from Mars until further notice, then.”
Ambassador gives a small smile, then her expression turns to concern.
Ambassador: “I wonder if it ends up destroying cybernetic sentients?”

Mira Kamiguwa shrugs “The infected ones might need to be terminated yes, the virus sends them mad thinking that they are human.”

Ambassador nods slowly, looking down.
Ambassador: “Do they then become volatile, or cause any other type of disturbance, in order to be terminated?”

Mira Kamiguwa: “I’m not sure yet, I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting of these ‘Alice’ virus carries yet.”

Ambassador saves the name “Alice Virus” and the descriptions the young lady has given regarding it in her memory.  She shifts in her seat a little – the new armor is quite stiff compared to the suits and components that were personal-fit for her at the Corporation. She feels an ache in her heart at the remembrance…

Mira Kamiguwa: “It’s not my problem – as long as these cybernetics don’t get an interest in my company, its some one else’s problem.”

Ambassador looks up, smiling shyly at the young lady and nods in acknowledgment. She looks out though the long, spanned windows again.

Mira Kamiguwa gets up and decides to make her self some tea.  She makes one for the alien too just in case she might want one.

Ambassador realizes how quiet it’s gotten, and tries to make further conversation:
Ambassador: “I assume you are from Earth? Or are you also from an orbiting colony?”

Mira Kamiguwa hands her a cup.
Mira Kamiguwa: “I was raised on Earth yes, I grew up in one of the Asian sectors.”

Ambassador receives the tea with thanks, removing her mask to drink it.
Ambassador: “And you came to Hangars to begin your business?”

Mira Kamiguwa: “Yes but, well, I was assigned a position here by the board. I didn’t set up any business my self,” she giggled.

Ambassador leans slightly to one side briefly, chuckling. “Well, it would be easy to assume that you ran your own business, actually – you seem to have a good leadership sense about you.”
She finishes the last sips of the delicious tea and sets the cup down nearby.

Mira Kamiguwa: “The DRF is one of the largest companies in Asia,  No.2 on the stockmarket. I think I’d have a lot of work on my hands to keep it going all by my self.”

Ambassador blinks, tilting her head a little.
Ambassador: “The DRF?”

Mira Kamiguwa: “The Data Recovery Foundation;  we produce synthetic lifeforms for the wider market.”

Ambassador nods, beginning to realize the importance of this young lady before her.  Her programming recalls the data in her head that held the lady’s name. ‘Mira’? Yes, that’s what she said at the crash…
Ambassador: “Your company is widely needed then. Perhaps, if they specialize in data recovery, they may be able to find a kind of… ‘cure’ for the Alice virus? It would be wonderful if they were able…”

Mira Kamiguwa: “Well I’m in charge of the medical wing, my specialist knowledge does not cover viruses so much . The DRF has long lost its old meaning and coverer’s a great number of sectors now.  Tell me, what you do again?”

Ambassador nods, “I have studied for Ambassadorship with a Government-run corporation of Ferris Providence for over 20 years, — ”

Just then, Mira receives an on-call message from her company base.  She excuses herself from the conversation and stands up to go.

Ambassador stands and bows respectfully as Mira exits.  One last time before leaving as well, she views the outside.  With every person she learns more of here, this city’s images are ever-changing…