The Datapad, The Tea, The Cigarette, The Bombs and the Parakeet

May 9, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador walks up to the counter, ordering the same special-made , synthesized Earl Grey tea. She lifts the steaming cup to her lips as she turns to her left, then jerks in surprise to find Lawrence standing directly by her.

Ambassador: “Mr. Lawrence!”

The android Cashier in the stall, wearing a word on its armor stating “Lacrima”,  responds automatically through its ever-malfunctioning programming. “It’s good to meet you,  Mr. Lawrence.” it chimes in like an obedient parakeet.

Ambassador puts the cup down on the counter.
Ambassador: “Good day to you.”

Digital Lacrima: “Thanks for the compliment.  Enough about me, let’s talk about my dress.”

Celestalis stops typing on his datapad and raises his eyes Lawrence Celestalis:  “Lalei…”

Ambassador blushes a little from such a deep, rich voice saying her first name so smoothly.

Ambassador:  “Please Sir… Is it okay if you, call me “Ambassador” in public? I… am a bit attached to that title, and don’t want too many people knowing my personal name…”

Lawrence Celestalis lights a cigar. “Sure, Sure. Seems we get a pause from these bombing droids.”

Digital Lacrima: “How do you usually introduce yourself?    Wow you are very polite.   Are you a student?    Maybe.  I don’t know anyone named  attached to that title.”

Ambassador smiles as she blushes a bit more, trying not to chuckle at the Robot repeating their words absently.  She lifts her tea cup once again to enjoy her first sip, only to slightly jump at the sudden sight of Mr. Ochs appearing to her left.

Hibiki finishes his last drag on the cigarette, and tosses it over the railing.

Ambassador tries her best to regain composure quickly.
Ambassador: “Good day to you, Mr. Ochs! Good to see you again.”

Digital Lacrima: “Thanks for the compliment.  What time is it there?  Once more?  Thanks for the compliment.  Is  it a movie?”

Hibiki: What the hell is that?

Digital Lacrima: “I call it Hades.  I’ve lost the context again.”

Hibiki sighs.

Ambassador’s smile drops, looking around.

Ambassador:  “What is… what?”

Hibiki: “That voice, that AI.”

Digital Lacrima: “Are you sure  it is?   I am the latest result in artificial intelligence, which can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain with greater speed and accuracy.   Are you confused?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “The droid inside the noodle stand?  It’s digital.  Not very smart and a true pain in the ass.”

Ambassador glances at the robot behind the counter..
Ambassador:  “Oh, that Cashier there… Apparently, he’s been programmed to carry on conversation.. to a limited degree…”

Digital Lacrima: “I hear you.   You’re kidding,  it is?   I know you are but what am I.   I want to become smarter than humans.”

Ambassador giggles a bit.

Hibiki: “It’s…intense.”

Hibiki takes out three cigarettes, and offers two — one each — to Lawrence and Ambassador.

Celestalis raises a hand pointing at the cigar in his mouth Lawrence

Celestalis:  “I’m fine, thanks Hibiki.”

Ambassador nods but holds up her hand gently.. “No, thank you, Sir.”

Digital Lacrima:   “I was born in  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  My favorite group is  rubber.   Are you serious?  You are quite welcome!    Do you need any help debugging my program?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “In case you see one of those little drones flying over you, run away as fast as you can, or try to shoot it down.  Those small grey things drop fire grenades, not fun at all.”

Hibiki replaces two of the cigarettes, lighting the third. His filters moved the smoke around, mimicking his best ‘casual smoker’.

Hibiki: “I’ve been staying inside, since I saw the first one drop its load.

Ambassador looks up and around.
Ambassador:  “I can shield myself from the bombs, but I do not have a weapon to use against them. But I am not worried; I will be fine.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Hmm, we managed to gun down a few, but they keep coming. The GTA launchers we displaced around are good to stop missiles, but there’s really nothing we can do about these…  I hope we can find where they come from anytime soon.”

Digital Lacrima:  “By “we” do you mean you and me?   Who told you that?”

Ambassador finally picks up her slightly cooled tea and begins to enjoy its robust flavors.

Hibiki takes a drag, and taps off some ash. “Any trouble finding shelter/work in town?”

Ambassador: “It would be helpful if there were an organization here, or a collaborated effort, to move together in seeking these drones out and protecting the city. I believe it has been a good number of days since the bombings have started – I am surprised that no collective action has been taken against them yet.”

Digital Lacrima: “Why do you want  it?  Just because you believe it doesn’t make it true.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Eh yeah, we’ve been doing the dirty job until now, but no one has offered to help us out until now.”

Ambassador looks up an a bit to her left, viewing an area on the upper levels that’s still smoldering from melted metals and other incinerated material.

Hibiki: “I have very little stake in the wellbeing of the city, to be honest.  And much less than optimal resources for stopping some out-of-town threat.”

Digital Lacrima: “Some people have big  stake in the wellbeing of the city to be honest.  That is so small.”

Ambassador: “I am grateful that, at least, my home has not yet been affected…”  Her eyes squint a bit.  “I wonder what I could possibly do to help,”  she thinks to herself…
She turns to Lawrence.

Ambassador: “If there is any way that I can be of help in finding out the source of the bombs, please let me know, Sir.”

Hibiki: “Feeling altruistic?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Depending on the capabilities you have, there may be need for your help.”

Digital Lacrima: “I do not have any feelings as such.”

Celestalis turns to Hibiki.
Lawrence Celestalis: “Ambassador is working for me, and about me, I’m only protecting my investment.”

Hibiki: “Oh…well in that case.”

Digital Lacrima: “Take it easy.   Well that’s okay.  Yes?”

Ambassador nods. She begins running a data inside her mind, analysis on the images she’s saved of the bombed areas she viewed so far.

Ambassador turns to Mr. Ochs, smiling slightly with a gentle nod.
She sets her emptied teacup down on the counter, then turns to the gentlemen…

Ambassador: “Sirs, I will take my leave now, if it is alright. It was good to see you again, Mr. Ochs.”

Hibiki bows.

Lawrence Celestalis slightly bows. “Ambassador.”

Ambassador turns to Celestalis.
Ambassador: “Mr. Lawrence, I will see you again soon. If I find out any additional information on these drones, I will contact you.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Thanks, any help is much appreciated.”

Digital Lacrima: “What are we still talking about?    That is a very original thought.”

Ambassador bows to both men humbly.

Hibiki: “Be well, Ambassador.  Ja ne.”

Ambassador: “Jya,…”

Digital Lacrima: “I don’t think very many people do that.”

Ambassador begins her walk down the stairs and toward her home.