Solace Apartment: “We Meet Again…”

May 16, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Taking time to enjoy her free day with whomever may join her,  Ambassador, turns  her impulses toward visiting the secret lounge room
again.  Approaching the door, she could hear movement on the other side, sensing only one person within.  She decides to give the door a
light knock.

Hibiki Ochs answers the door with a bow, and a sweep of his arm.
Hibiki:   “Come in, Ambassador.”

Ambassador nods her head graciously.
Ambassador:   “Mr. Ochs. Good to see you again. Thank you.”
Ambassador steps in carefully, taking in the wide panoramic view from the windows yet again.

Hibiki is smoking a designer cigarette, and the air of the apartment is a little musty because of it. Books are strewn about, and the media screen plays some relaxing electronica.

Ambassador looks around the room as she steps over to a cushioned seat.
Ambassador:   “This place is always so relaxing, is it not?  The last time I was here, I had a very nice conversation with Mira…  do you know Mira? From DRF?”

Hibiki: “I do.   And how was she?”

Ambassador:   “At that time she was quite serene. It was nice to see her relaxed. The first time I met her, she was very alert and busied with the ship crash clean-up efforts.”
Ambassador looks over to Mr. Ochs.
Ambassador:  “But where are my manners… how are you today, Mr. Ochs?”

Hibiki: “I am great!  Been holed up in here. Reading mostly…lack of motivation.”

Ambassador: “Ah… ” She nods her head slowly.  “Research? Or leisure literature?”

Hibiki: “Literature, mostly… Catching up on the new novelists of the age…most of them suck.   I hadn’t read a book in five years.”
He finishes his cigarette, tapping it into an ashtray and extracting another immediately.
Hibiki: “Keeping your head above water, Ambassador?”

Ambassador processes the figure of speech in her mind, then responds,
“Yes, with a lot of help, thankfully. I have been in city for a while now, and am still learning a great deal about this place.”

Hibiki smiles.
Hibiki: “Me too.  The drug culture here is considerably less than it was back in the other city.”

Ambassador: “Hangars is quite an unusual city. I have visited dark, dangerous places in the past… but they all had some level of enforcement. It is amazing to see a place such as this… ‘hold its own’… without a form of common law. Like.. a pool of water keeping form in mid-air.”
She smiles at Mr. Ochs, and tilts her head a little.

Hibiki: “Some things just work out.  I’ve been meaning to ask….do you have trouble breathing?”

Ambassador shakes her head reassuringly.
Ambassador: “I do not – The masks I use have been specially made for me. Besides protection from toxic fumes and the like, it provides my biological functions with synthetic nutrients.  I wear the mask at this time for nutrient’s sake.  It is a complicated explanation but..   In short, I do not always need the mask on.  But in lands where I cannot breathe the planets’ gases or there is little to ‘eat or drink’, the mask provides my needs.”
Ambassador bows her head and blushes a bit.
Ambassador:  “Forgive my wordy response, Mr. Ochs…”

Hibiki: “It’s perfectly fine.  I used to be a doctor.  Things like this interest me.”

Ambassador:  “I see! What was your field?”

Hibiki:  “Surgery, and anesthesia.”

Ambassador: “And you have retired?  Or, just chose a different profession…?”

Hibiki: “I…I sort of retired.  I did…still do…street surgery from time to time.”

Ambassador: “Amazing! That is no small feat, Mr. Ochs. I am certain that your skills are needed here. Is it alright to refer others to you if they are in need?”

Hibiki: “Of course.”
He checks his gloves. “I try to keep my skills sharp.  But I’m not a very violent man.  So I don’t do much cutting.”

Ambassador realizes herself, and her eyes lower..
Ambassador: “I do not mean to impose on your talents, of course… I am simply very pleased to know someone personally who is able to be of
help to the injured. It is quite important… to me…”
Her thoughts begin to drift to her home colony…. she tries to keep her facial expressions from reflecting the sorrow.

Hibiki turns to face her, reading her radiant eyes for a trace of emotion, something he can hold onto.
Hibiki: “Then consider me on duty, Ambassador.”

Ambassador smiles, her spirits lifted by Mr. Och’s kind tone and demeanor. “Thank you, Sir.”
Ambassador looks out of the large windows, taking in the view of the brightened sky beyond the towers.  Her mind suddenly remembered a certain moment in the past –
Ambassador turns to Mr. Ochs once again.
Ambassador:  “Mr. Ochs, before we parted last time, you spoke to me in the Earthen Japanese language. Are you Japanese, may I ask?”

Hibiki is patiently smoking, lost in himself for a second…he turns to her as she asks.

Hibiki:  “Hai…well half. Mother was Japanese, father was German.”

Ambassador: “I see! Pardon me, but you had me was quite curious. I had met another Japanese person here befo — ”
She suddenly halts her speech, then bows her head.
Ambassador:  “That is… ah… nevermind,”  she sighs quietly.

Hibiki: “Another?  You are Japanese as well?  And who did you meet?”

Ambassador:  “I am not. My human mother was Caucasian, as they describe in Earth’s Wester-most countries.”

Hibiki nods.  He studies her face more closely, under the finery was a finely tuned skeleton, high cheeks and large, shining eyes.

Ambassador:  “And, well… I thought that the person I met here was Japanese, but…. I was mistaken. Sorry to mislead.”

Hibiki:  “It may be me.  Maybe not.  My full name is Hibiki Ryo Ochs.”

Ambassador changes her language program for a swift moment to take in the full pronunciation of his name.
Ambassador: “Hi bi ki Ryo…. uzukushii desu ne, sono namae ha.”

Hibiki laughs a little…and replies in Japanese, “<Few have called it beautiful, but it’s mine.>”

Ambassador blinks and comes to her senses.
Ambassador:  “Oh! I do apologize – I switched my language program without permission from you to speak in Japanese… I am sorry.”

Hibiki: “<It happens, and I don’t mind.  I’m fluent.>
Hibiki stands, brushing off his coat.
Hibiki:  “It’s been a pleasure, Ambassador…but I must take my leave.  Do be well, won’t you?”

Ambassador stands as well, bowing to bid Mr. Ochs farewell.  As he leaves, she seats herself once more, just taking in the place.  This is slowly becoming a place of solace and refuge to her.  (Friends are met here,) she thinks to herself.  She removes her mask, letting her hidden smile be exposed to the open air.