Solace Apartment: Face of the Survivor

May 20, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador enters the lounge once again, the small, welcoming apartment open to whomever will enter…

She spots a young woman resting on the cushions nearby. She nods at the lady in greeting…
Ambassador: “Good day to you.”
She notices the lady’s free-form of appearance, and is a bit surprised, but not at all deterred.   So many fascinating people are found here!   She thought. She sits down somewhere, neverminding the cigarette smell of the ashtray close to her.

Djehan nods back at the woman, lost in her thoughts.
“Oh, hello,” As she looks back at the woman she realizes they never met before. “I’m Djehan,” she smiles.

Ambassador: “I am Ambassador. Just… ‘Ambassador’.”  A pleasure to meet you. I have not seen you here before. I would ask if you are new here, but it may be more likely that I am more of the Newcomer,”  she laughs lightly.

Djehan slowly wipes her sleepy face, “I was just having some coffee…want some?  But…what time is it…oh my,” she lights a cigarette. “Oh, I’m not new at all here. In fact, I was a Lockup detainee.  I literally grew up here.”

Ambassador nods, always willing to accept an offer of coffee.  She looks at the young lady in amazement.
Ambassador: “You were a detainee? Oh, I am terribly sorry.   I do not know much about the details on ‘The Lockup’, but I’ve heard general information on it.”

Djehan laughs “It’s the happy days now!”

Ambassador looks around, then tilts her head.
Ambassador:  “In a away, I am sure. But it seems that our city has been under attack as of late.”
She holds her head upright again. Her cybernetic eyes dilate a moment.

Djehan smells her coffee. “Oh yes it’s been under attack, we now get free central heating since then, hahahaha!”

Ambassador realizes the humor in Ms. Djehan’s response.   All the more, she answers quite seriously,
Ambassador:  “But, do be very careful whenever you are outside.”

Djehan Kidd:  “Network 11 claims the attack on the ship.”

Ambassador: “Network 11?”

Djehan Kidd: “Yes, in fact, Network 11 are a bunch of lazy f*x, they shouldn’t have targeted this ship after all. Consequences were that it attracted even more troubles around now. How did you end up here?”
Djehan leans back on the couch.

Ambassador looks down. Her untied hair covers the majority of her face, sheltering her suddenly sad eyes.
Ambassador:  “It is a long story… I was sent here by my corporation in Ferris Providence, but communications were severed. I am unable to contact them or return home. Therefore, I have made my home here.   A… ‘new life’, of sorts.”

Djehan Kidd: “Aw, did you meet anyone here yet?”

Ambassador lifts her head up again, giving Ms. Djehan a small smile.

Ambassador:  “Yes, I have met many people. A few of them have been very kind to me. It seems that they are acquainted with one another as well. That seems to happen more often than not. The people of this city are more tightly knit than others I have visited in the past.”

Djehan Kidd looks for something in her pockets, brings out a little package from it and sniffs from it. “Yes, they all pretend, but in case of real troubles, you can bet they’d all end up killing one another.”  She laughs.  “But indeed, some communities in here are pretty much standing together to survive.”

Ambassador: “Yes, I have also learned that there are some who may be friendly for their own reasons, beyond what I may realize. So, I have learned to be careful.  I have already had a few… unfortunate run-ins with such people.”

Djehan Kidd: “Be very careful, trust no one, heh… Life is hard around here, we’re fighting the Corps, we want to keep our freedom now that we finally got freed.”

Ambassador tilts her head. “The Corps”?

Djehan Kidd: “Corporations of any kind, trying to make us their new guinea pigs.”

Ambassador takes Ms. Djehan’s last comment in serious consideration.  Is that how the people here would have seen me if my mission here succeeded?  she thought.

Djehan Kidd: “We were the largest prison in history here, the city got locked up because criminality got so high. I arrived here and got locked in just because I was an illegal immigrant. I wasn’t a criminal.”

Ambassador: “That is so horrible! To put you in the same place as dangerous criminals… it must have been terrifying.  I am very glad that you survived such a thing. Did you arrive here alone?”

Djehan Kidd: “It was horrible…but I was under protection from my family, but I was a kid yes..most of the people my age became junkies too, dealers, you name it.  I arrived here with my two older brothers.  I’m from the Balkans, former Serbian territory.  Older people have always been nice to me, but that’s only because they fear my brothers…”

Ambassador nods her head, knowing the feeling of protection from back when she had body guards on occasion. She also recalled her programmers who created her Self Defense Mode program.   All dead now,  she reminded herself.  Her heart sank, for herself and Ms. Djehan.
Ambassador: “And your brothers, did they — survive the war?  When the prison was destroyed?”

Djehan Kidd closes her eyes and smiles “Oh yes, they are well, with the other Serbians.   They shot most of the security back at The Big F***off, that’s how we call that day, when the Lockup got free.  Now they got stupid, though.  They like violence, they like to kill, it’s like they need it…  I hate them.  Bunch of machomen. They don’t even know I’m here in this squat, they don’t know me mates… nowadays…”

Ambassador falls silent, taking in the harsh detail of the young lady’s story. She looks down, feeling a bit small. Such hardships are tremendous in comparison to what Ambassador’s gone through.   A certain level of new respect is formed for this young survivor before her.  She finally speaks again softly, still looking down.
Ambassador: “It seems you have survived much, Ms. Djehan. I could learn from you.  I have never been in such circumstances… But neither have I ever before experienced what I have since arriving here in Hangars.  I was lost here for so long.”

Djehan Kidd: “No, me?” She looks surprised and smiles at Ambassador.  “I’m just a junkie… yes, the city is convoluted, seems the architects really wanted everyone to go mad in here! No wonder why it got locked up, hah!”

Ambassador shakes her head, her eyes intensified. “But you have gone through so much tribulation here — it is a wonder that you have not fled this city since the war ended!  I would have left and never returned. ”
Ambassador recoils her bravery in speech, feeling a bit self-conscious. “I… hope that you do not mind my saying so….”

Djehan Kidd: “Oh,…  I’ve been in other places.  But here I got my network, people I know, my community in fact…and I’m an anarchist.  I would never like to go live in a place that got rules, people getting exploited to death, not for me.  And I know this city like my own pocket.”

Ambassador nods. “I see. You are indeed amazing, Ms. Djehan. I only wish I were so brave.”

Djehan looks down at her boots, scratching the dirt off them a little while she hears Ambassador saying this.
Djehan Kidd:  “I’m not amazing. I’m like my boots, see?  Oh my god, you will make me shy now!”

Ambassador giggles at Ms. Djehan’s humor.  She looks down at her cup of coffee in her hands. It has gone luke-warm, the depth of their conversation taking over Ambassador’s craving for caffeine. She takes a sip in respect of the offering, and sets the mug down softly nearby.  She stands to her feet, facing Ms. Djehan.
Ambassador: “Ms. Djehan, it has been a sincere pleasure meeting you.  I truly hope this will not be the only time.”

Djehan laughs. “Yes sure, come back anytime.”

Ambassador bows respectfully to her. “Good day to you. And please continue to take care.”

Djehan Kidd: “You’re always welcome to drop by, we got some nice products around if you like to get high!” she grins.

Ambassador smiles, turns and begins a casual walk to the apartment entrance.