Escher’s Stairsteps

May 22, 2012 in general by Ambassador

This hovering landscape is too high above land to witness the beauty of butterflies, birds, precious-pedaled flowers…

As Ambassador knelt down at the side of the hidden pool, she touched her fingertip to the water’s surface.  The glow from underneath clouded most of the rippling shimmer that followed.  (I wonder if it’s a good thing, is some way,) she thought to herself.  Some things must exist, but in turn they draw away attention from another thing.  (Hangars harbors many levels of hidden activity, it seems, but… I wonder if that leaves the nearby colonies and lands to be more free and peaceful, having fewer crimes and the like occurring there.)

Many analogies like these drifted through her thoughts after her meeting with Mr. Lawrence yesterday.  After leaving the meeting place last night,she proceeded to calculate and text her operation plan draft in her head as she walked cautiously home.
“I suggest you keep your defense system activated when you’re around; Hangars is not a quiet town and these are hard times, indeed.”  he warned her earlier that evening.  Words like these were constant reminders of where she is now.  Some days were so quiet, one would hardly notice any form of underground activity happening all around them.  But there are times when trouble, even Death, would leap before your eyes, with only seconds to decide how to escape again.

She had already resigned her membership with Crimson Merchants, as explained to Mr. Lawrence.  It felt like parting with a lifelong friend, though she’d only been employed with them for a few weeks.  But after Mr. Lawrence explained in detail just what she’d be needed to do, she could not go against her own conscience for it.
“I apologize… you have taken time and effort to make a space for me. But if these things are what are required, I…”
She knew that Mr. Lawrence would understand.

The next steps were already being implemented as well.  Deciding to start her own business was more of a leap forward than Lalei ever thought she’d take.  But the motive was good, and the way that Lalei hoped to be a help to Mr. Lawrence’s cause through this decision was just as good.

(Plan completed… Very Well.) 


|Sending…. Complete.|

She sent an encrypted transmission to Mr. Lawrence of her new plans.  She stood, still gazing down at the pool water as it spoke to her with it’s quiet waves.  She turned and headed back to her apartment.

Stepping along the neon-teal walkway leading to her stasis chamber, Ambassador took a look around her apartment.  The furniture, though sparse, was placed just so, giving the place a balanced feel.  She felt a bit unsettled, however at the fact that there wasn’t much for a show of warmth there.  Everything seemed to cater to her cybernetic needs more than biological.  Her mouth masks provided her basic, synthetic nutrition, so she never had a need for a kitchen or snack area.  Her chamber gave maintenance to her exterior needs, so there was no need for a bathroom, bedroom or living room.  There was a quaint upstairs room with a small set of pillows for guests, but she has had no guests since making her abode here.

Right then set in the sudden impact of loneliness.
Ambassador did her best to rush it out of her mind.

She touched the right-hand activation pad of the stasis chamber and stepped onto its platform.  As the cords and tubes attached to  her upper back and began to lift her into a levitating stance, she found herself repeatedly rushing out the same scary, desolate feeling.
The left-hand panel activated automatically, and the view from within the capsule became clouded.

She slept that night with her eyes open.