Solace Apartment: Face of the Survivor

May 20, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador enters the lounge once again, the small, welcoming apartment open to whomever will enter…

She spots a young woman resting on the cushions nearby. She nods at the lady in greeting…
Ambassador: “Good day to you.”
She notices the lady’s free-form of appearance, and is a bit surprised, but not at all deterred.   So many fascinating people are found here!   She thought. She sits down somewhere, neverminding the cigarette smell of the ashtray close to her.

Djehan nods back at the woman, lost in her thoughts.
“Oh, hello,” As she looks back at the woman she realizes they never met before. “I’m Djehan,” she smiles.

Ambassador: “I am Ambassador. Just… ‘Ambassador’.”  A pleasure to meet you. I have not seen you here before. I would ask if you are new here, but it may be more likely that I am more of the Newcomer,”  she laughs lightly.

Djehan slowly wipes her sleepy face, “I was just having some coffee…want some?  But…what time is it…oh my,” she lights a cigarette. “Oh, I’m not new at all here. In fact, I was a Lockup detainee.  I literally grew up here.”

Ambassador nods, always willing to accept an offer of coffee.  She looks at the young lady in amazement.
Ambassador: “You were a detainee? Oh, I am terribly sorry.   I do not know much about the details on ‘The Lockup’, but I’ve heard general information on it.”

Djehan laughs “It’s the happy days now!”

Ambassador looks around, then tilts her head.
Ambassador:  “In a away, I am sure. But it seems that our city has been under attack as of late.”
She holds her head upright again. Her cybernetic eyes dilate a moment.

Djehan smells her coffee. “Oh yes it’s been under attack, we now get free central heating since then, hahahaha!”

Ambassador realizes the humor in Ms. Djehan’s response.   All the more, she answers quite seriously,
Ambassador:  “But, do be very careful whenever you are outside.”

Djehan Kidd:  “Network 11 claims the attack on the ship.”

Ambassador: “Network 11?”

Djehan Kidd: “Yes, in fact, Network 11 are a bunch of lazy f*x, they shouldn’t have targeted this ship after all. Consequences were that it attracted even more troubles around now. How did you end up here?”
Djehan leans back on the couch.

Ambassador looks down. Her untied hair covers the majority of her face, sheltering her suddenly sad eyes.
Ambassador:  “It is a long story… I was sent here by my corporation in Ferris Providence, but communications were severed. I am unable to contact them or return home. Therefore, I have made my home here.   A… ‘new life’, of sorts.”

Djehan Kidd: “Aw, did you meet anyone here yet?”

Ambassador lifts her head up again, giving Ms. Djehan a small smile.

Ambassador:  “Yes, I have met many people. A few of them have been very kind to me. It seems that they are acquainted with one another as well. That seems to happen more often than not. The people of this city are more tightly knit than others I have visited in the past.”

Djehan Kidd looks for something in her pockets, brings out a little package from it and sniffs from it. “Yes, they all pretend, but in case of real troubles, you can bet they’d all end up killing one another.”  She laughs.  “But indeed, some communities in here are pretty much standing together to survive.”

Ambassador: “Yes, I have also learned that there are some who may be friendly for their own reasons, beyond what I may realize. So, I have learned to be careful.  I have already had a few… unfortunate run-ins with such people.”

Djehan Kidd: “Be very careful, trust no one, heh… Life is hard around here, we’re fighting the Corps, we want to keep our freedom now that we finally got freed.”

Ambassador tilts her head. “The Corps”?

Djehan Kidd: “Corporations of any kind, trying to make us their new guinea pigs.”

Ambassador takes Ms. Djehan’s last comment in serious consideration.  Is that how the people here would have seen me if my mission here succeeded?  she thought.

Djehan Kidd: “We were the largest prison in history here, the city got locked up because criminality got so high. I arrived here and got locked in just because I was an illegal immigrant. I wasn’t a criminal.”

Ambassador: “That is so horrible! To put you in the same place as dangerous criminals… it must have been terrifying.  I am very glad that you survived such a thing. Did you arrive here alone?”

Djehan Kidd: “It was horrible…but I was under protection from my family, but I was a kid yes..most of the people my age became junkies too, dealers, you name it.  I arrived here with my two older brothers.  I’m from the Balkans, former Serbian territory.  Older people have always been nice to me, but that’s only because they fear my brothers…”

Ambassador nods her head, knowing the feeling of protection from back when she had body guards on occasion. She also recalled her programmers who created her Self Defense Mode program.   All dead now,  she reminded herself.  Her heart sank, for herself and Ms. Djehan.
Ambassador: “And your brothers, did they — survive the war?  When the prison was destroyed?”

Djehan Kidd closes her eyes and smiles “Oh yes, they are well, with the other Serbians.   They shot most of the security back at The Big F***off, that’s how we call that day, when the Lockup got free.  Now they got stupid, though.  They like violence, they like to kill, it’s like they need it…  I hate them.  Bunch of machomen. They don’t even know I’m here in this squat, they don’t know me mates… nowadays…”

Ambassador falls silent, taking in the harsh detail of the young lady’s story. She looks down, feeling a bit small. Such hardships are tremendous in comparison to what Ambassador’s gone through.   A certain level of new respect is formed for this young survivor before her.  She finally speaks again softly, still looking down.
Ambassador: “It seems you have survived much, Ms. Djehan. I could learn from you.  I have never been in such circumstances… But neither have I ever before experienced what I have since arriving here in Hangars.  I was lost here for so long.”

Djehan Kidd: “No, me?” She looks surprised and smiles at Ambassador.  “I’m just a junkie… yes, the city is convoluted, seems the architects really wanted everyone to go mad in here! No wonder why it got locked up, hah!”

Ambassador shakes her head, her eyes intensified. “But you have gone through so much tribulation here — it is a wonder that you have not fled this city since the war ended!  I would have left and never returned. ”
Ambassador recoils her bravery in speech, feeling a bit self-conscious. “I… hope that you do not mind my saying so….”

Djehan Kidd: “Oh,…  I’ve been in other places.  But here I got my network, people I know, my community in fact…and I’m an anarchist.  I would never like to go live in a place that got rules, people getting exploited to death, not for me.  And I know this city like my own pocket.”

Ambassador nods. “I see. You are indeed amazing, Ms. Djehan. I only wish I were so brave.”

Djehan looks down at her boots, scratching the dirt off them a little while she hears Ambassador saying this.
Djehan Kidd:  “I’m not amazing. I’m like my boots, see?  Oh my god, you will make me shy now!”

Ambassador giggles at Ms. Djehan’s humor.  She looks down at her cup of coffee in her hands. It has gone luke-warm, the depth of their conversation taking over Ambassador’s craving for caffeine. She takes a sip in respect of the offering, and sets the mug down softly nearby.  She stands to her feet, facing Ms. Djehan.
Ambassador: “Ms. Djehan, it has been a sincere pleasure meeting you.  I truly hope this will not be the only time.”

Djehan laughs. “Yes sure, come back anytime.”

Ambassador bows respectfully to her. “Good day to you. And please continue to take care.”

Djehan Kidd: “You’re always welcome to drop by, we got some nice products around if you like to get high!” she grins.

Ambassador smiles, turns and begins a casual walk to the apartment entrance.

Solace Apartment: “We Meet Again…”

May 16, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Taking time to enjoy her free day with whomever may join her,  Ambassador, turns  her impulses toward visiting the secret lounge room
again.  Approaching the door, she could hear movement on the other side, sensing only one person within.  She decides to give the door a
light knock.

Hibiki Ochs answers the door with a bow, and a sweep of his arm.
Hibiki:   “Come in, Ambassador.”

Ambassador nods her head graciously.
Ambassador:   “Mr. Ochs. Good to see you again. Thank you.”
Ambassador steps in carefully, taking in the wide panoramic view from the windows yet again.

Hibiki is smoking a designer cigarette, and the air of the apartment is a little musty because of it. Books are strewn about, and the media screen plays some relaxing electronica.

Ambassador looks around the room as she steps over to a cushioned seat.
Ambassador:   “This place is always so relaxing, is it not?  The last time I was here, I had a very nice conversation with Mira…  do you know Mira? From DRF?”

Hibiki: “I do.   And how was she?”

Ambassador:   “At that time she was quite serene. It was nice to see her relaxed. The first time I met her, she was very alert and busied with the ship crash clean-up efforts.”
Ambassador looks over to Mr. Ochs.
Ambassador:  “But where are my manners… how are you today, Mr. Ochs?”

Hibiki: “I am great!  Been holed up in here. Reading mostly…lack of motivation.”

Ambassador: “Ah… ” She nods her head slowly.  “Research? Or leisure literature?”

Hibiki: “Literature, mostly… Catching up on the new novelists of the age…most of them suck.   I hadn’t read a book in five years.”
He finishes his cigarette, tapping it into an ashtray and extracting another immediately.
Hibiki: “Keeping your head above water, Ambassador?”

Ambassador processes the figure of speech in her mind, then responds,
“Yes, with a lot of help, thankfully. I have been in city for a while now, and am still learning a great deal about this place.”

Hibiki smiles.
Hibiki: “Me too.  The drug culture here is considerably less than it was back in the other city.”

Ambassador: “Hangars is quite an unusual city. I have visited dark, dangerous places in the past… but they all had some level of enforcement. It is amazing to see a place such as this… ‘hold its own’… without a form of common law. Like.. a pool of water keeping form in mid-air.”
She smiles at Mr. Ochs, and tilts her head a little.

Hibiki: “Some things just work out.  I’ve been meaning to ask….do you have trouble breathing?”

Ambassador shakes her head reassuringly.
Ambassador: “I do not – The masks I use have been specially made for me. Besides protection from toxic fumes and the like, it provides my biological functions with synthetic nutrients.  I wear the mask at this time for nutrient’s sake.  It is a complicated explanation but..   In short, I do not always need the mask on.  But in lands where I cannot breathe the planets’ gases or there is little to ‘eat or drink’, the mask provides my needs.”
Ambassador bows her head and blushes a bit.
Ambassador:  “Forgive my wordy response, Mr. Ochs…”

Hibiki: “It’s perfectly fine.  I used to be a doctor.  Things like this interest me.”

Ambassador:  “I see! What was your field?”

Hibiki:  “Surgery, and anesthesia.”

Ambassador: “And you have retired?  Or, just chose a different profession…?”

Hibiki: “I…I sort of retired.  I did…still do…street surgery from time to time.”

Ambassador: “Amazing! That is no small feat, Mr. Ochs. I am certain that your skills are needed here. Is it alright to refer others to you if they are in need?”

Hibiki: “Of course.”
He checks his gloves. “I try to keep my skills sharp.  But I’m not a very violent man.  So I don’t do much cutting.”

Ambassador realizes herself, and her eyes lower..
Ambassador: “I do not mean to impose on your talents, of course… I am simply very pleased to know someone personally who is able to be of
help to the injured. It is quite important… to me…”
Her thoughts begin to drift to her home colony…. she tries to keep her facial expressions from reflecting the sorrow.

Hibiki turns to face her, reading her radiant eyes for a trace of emotion, something he can hold onto.
Hibiki: “Then consider me on duty, Ambassador.”

Ambassador smiles, her spirits lifted by Mr. Och’s kind tone and demeanor. “Thank you, Sir.”
Ambassador looks out of the large windows, taking in the view of the brightened sky beyond the towers.  Her mind suddenly remembered a certain moment in the past –
Ambassador turns to Mr. Ochs once again.
Ambassador:  “Mr. Ochs, before we parted last time, you spoke to me in the Earthen Japanese language. Are you Japanese, may I ask?”

Hibiki is patiently smoking, lost in himself for a second…he turns to her as she asks.

Hibiki:  “Hai…well half. Mother was Japanese, father was German.”

Ambassador: “I see! Pardon me, but you had me was quite curious. I had met another Japanese person here befo — ”
She suddenly halts her speech, then bows her head.
Ambassador:  “That is… ah… nevermind,”  she sighs quietly.

Hibiki: “Another?  You are Japanese as well?  And who did you meet?”

Ambassador:  “I am not. My human mother was Caucasian, as they describe in Earth’s Wester-most countries.”

Hibiki nods.  He studies her face more closely, under the finery was a finely tuned skeleton, high cheeks and large, shining eyes.

Ambassador:  “And, well… I thought that the person I met here was Japanese, but…. I was mistaken. Sorry to mislead.”

Hibiki:  “It may be me.  Maybe not.  My full name is Hibiki Ryo Ochs.”

Ambassador changes her language program for a swift moment to take in the full pronunciation of his name.
Ambassador: “Hi bi ki Ryo…. uzukushii desu ne, sono namae ha.”

Hibiki laughs a little…and replies in Japanese, “<Few have called it beautiful, but it’s mine.>”

Ambassador blinks and comes to her senses.
Ambassador:  “Oh! I do apologize – I switched my language program without permission from you to speak in Japanese… I am sorry.”

Hibiki: “<It happens, and I don’t mind.  I’m fluent.>
Hibiki stands, brushing off his coat.
Hibiki:  “It’s been a pleasure, Ambassador…but I must take my leave.  Do be well, won’t you?”

Ambassador stands as well, bowing to bid Mr. Ochs farewell.  As he leaves, she seats herself once more, just taking in the place.  This is slowly becoming a place of solace and refuge to her.  (Friends are met here,) she thinks to herself.  She removes her mask, letting her hidden smile be exposed to the open air.

The Datapad, The Tea, The Cigarette, The Bombs and the Parakeet

May 9, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador walks up to the counter, ordering the same special-made , synthesized Earl Grey tea. She lifts the steaming cup to her lips as she turns to her left, then jerks in surprise to find Lawrence standing directly by her.

Ambassador: “Mr. Lawrence!”

The android Cashier in the stall, wearing a word on its armor stating “Lacrima”,  responds automatically through its ever-malfunctioning programming. “It’s good to meet you,  Mr. Lawrence.” it chimes in like an obedient parakeet.

Ambassador puts the cup down on the counter.
Ambassador: “Good day to you.”

Digital Lacrima: “Thanks for the compliment.  Enough about me, let’s talk about my dress.”

Celestalis stops typing on his datapad and raises his eyes Lawrence Celestalis:  “Lalei…”

Ambassador blushes a little from such a deep, rich voice saying her first name so smoothly.

Ambassador:  “Please Sir… Is it okay if you, call me “Ambassador” in public? I… am a bit attached to that title, and don’t want too many people knowing my personal name…”

Lawrence Celestalis lights a cigar. “Sure, Sure. Seems we get a pause from these bombing droids.”

Digital Lacrima: “How do you usually introduce yourself?    Wow you are very polite.   Are you a student?    Maybe.  I don’t know anyone named  attached to that title.”

Ambassador smiles as she blushes a bit more, trying not to chuckle at the Robot repeating their words absently.  She lifts her tea cup once again to enjoy her first sip, only to slightly jump at the sudden sight of Mr. Ochs appearing to her left.

Hibiki finishes his last drag on the cigarette, and tosses it over the railing.

Ambassador tries her best to regain composure quickly.
Ambassador: “Good day to you, Mr. Ochs! Good to see you again.”

Digital Lacrima: “Thanks for the compliment.  What time is it there?  Once more?  Thanks for the compliment.  Is  it a movie?”

Hibiki: What the hell is that?

Digital Lacrima: “I call it Hades.  I’ve lost the context again.”

Hibiki sighs.

Ambassador’s smile drops, looking around.

Ambassador:  “What is… what?”

Hibiki: “That voice, that AI.”

Digital Lacrima: “Are you sure  it is?   I am the latest result in artificial intelligence, which can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain with greater speed and accuracy.   Are you confused?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “The droid inside the noodle stand?  It’s digital.  Not very smart and a true pain in the ass.”

Ambassador glances at the robot behind the counter..
Ambassador:  “Oh, that Cashier there… Apparently, he’s been programmed to carry on conversation.. to a limited degree…”

Digital Lacrima: “I hear you.   You’re kidding,  it is?   I know you are but what am I.   I want to become smarter than humans.”

Ambassador giggles a bit.

Hibiki: “It’s…intense.”

Hibiki takes out three cigarettes, and offers two — one each — to Lawrence and Ambassador.

Celestalis raises a hand pointing at the cigar in his mouth Lawrence

Celestalis:  “I’m fine, thanks Hibiki.”

Ambassador nods but holds up her hand gently.. “No, thank you, Sir.”

Digital Lacrima:   “I was born in  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  My favorite group is  rubber.   Are you serious?  You are quite welcome!    Do you need any help debugging my program?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “In case you see one of those little drones flying over you, run away as fast as you can, or try to shoot it down.  Those small grey things drop fire grenades, not fun at all.”

Hibiki replaces two of the cigarettes, lighting the third. His filters moved the smoke around, mimicking his best ‘casual smoker’.

Hibiki: “I’ve been staying inside, since I saw the first one drop its load.

Ambassador looks up and around.
Ambassador:  “I can shield myself from the bombs, but I do not have a weapon to use against them. But I am not worried; I will be fine.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Hmm, we managed to gun down a few, but they keep coming. The GTA launchers we displaced around are good to stop missiles, but there’s really nothing we can do about these…  I hope we can find where they come from anytime soon.”

Digital Lacrima:  “By “we” do you mean you and me?   Who told you that?”

Ambassador finally picks up her slightly cooled tea and begins to enjoy its robust flavors.

Hibiki takes a drag, and taps off some ash. “Any trouble finding shelter/work in town?”

Ambassador: “It would be helpful if there were an organization here, or a collaborated effort, to move together in seeking these drones out and protecting the city. I believe it has been a good number of days since the bombings have started – I am surprised that no collective action has been taken against them yet.”

Digital Lacrima: “Why do you want  it?  Just because you believe it doesn’t make it true.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Eh yeah, we’ve been doing the dirty job until now, but no one has offered to help us out until now.”

Ambassador looks up an a bit to her left, viewing an area on the upper levels that’s still smoldering from melted metals and other incinerated material.

Hibiki: “I have very little stake in the wellbeing of the city, to be honest.  And much less than optimal resources for stopping some out-of-town threat.”

Digital Lacrima: “Some people have big  stake in the wellbeing of the city to be honest.  That is so small.”

Ambassador: “I am grateful that, at least, my home has not yet been affected…”  Her eyes squint a bit.  “I wonder what I could possibly do to help,”  she thinks to herself…
She turns to Lawrence.

Ambassador: “If there is any way that I can be of help in finding out the source of the bombs, please let me know, Sir.”

Hibiki: “Feeling altruistic?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Depending on the capabilities you have, there may be need for your help.”

Digital Lacrima: “I do not have any feelings as such.”

Celestalis turns to Hibiki.
Lawrence Celestalis: “Ambassador is working for me, and about me, I’m only protecting my investment.”

Hibiki: “Oh…well in that case.”

Digital Lacrima: “Take it easy.   Well that’s okay.  Yes?”

Ambassador nods. She begins running a data inside her mind, analysis on the images she’s saved of the bombed areas she viewed so far.

Ambassador turns to Mr. Ochs, smiling slightly with a gentle nod.
She sets her emptied teacup down on the counter, then turns to the gentlemen…

Ambassador: “Sirs, I will take my leave now, if it is alright. It was good to see you again, Mr. Ochs.”

Hibiki bows.

Lawrence Celestalis slightly bows. “Ambassador.”

Ambassador turns to Celestalis.
Ambassador: “Mr. Lawrence, I will see you again soon. If I find out any additional information on these drones, I will contact you.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Thanks, any help is much appreciated.”

Digital Lacrima: “What are we still talking about?    That is a very original thought.”

Ambassador bows to both men humbly.

Hibiki: “Be well, Ambassador.  Ja ne.”

Ambassador: “Jya,…”

Digital Lacrima: “I don’t think very many people do that.”

Ambassador begins her walk down the stairs and toward her home.

Solace Apartment: Getting to Know

April 23, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador enters into the lounging area that her new-found friends invited her into once before.

Mira Kamiguwa looks over to to Ambassador.
Mira Kamiguwa: “Oh, hello again.” She notices the space suit this time.

While taking in the window’s panoramic view, she hears a lady’s voice. Turning, she finds the young lady she met at the massive crash site.
Ambassador: “Good day to you.”

Mira Kamiguwa: “Have you been in orbit or just arrived to earth?”

Ambassador takes a seat.  She notices the hot, steaming mug of coffee that someone has left on the seat near her.. She takes a fleeting second to remember just what coffee tastes like.
Ambassador: “I’ve been in this city for quite some time now.”

Mira Kamiguwa smiles, “So just feeling comfortable in that suit, of course,” she says as if she had solved her own question… “I’m still curious what part of the galaxy you have come from, Ambassador. You are not from Mars I am guessing?”

Ambassador looks up. “Ferris Providence, an orbiting colony”, she replies. “It orbits nearby Earth.  It is where I was born and raised.  I have visited Mars, however, several times…”
She recalls her past meetings in Mars, at different stations…

Mira Kamiguwa: “Oh, seems familiar. I have gotten a growing interest in Mars since I’ve heard of a new type of cybernetic virus on the planet. I guess you wouldnt know about it then…?”

Ambassador: A virus? No, I do not know of any recent virus there…  I’ve been a bit… ‘out-of-touch’ with recent happenings outside of Hangars as of late, I’m afraid… Has the planet been quarantined? Or, is it safe to ask?”
Ambassador considers the possibility of the answer being confidential information…

Mira Kamiguwa shakes her head, “No not from what I have heard; its still open but dangerous for cybernetics.  I guess your not cybernetic right?”

Ambassador: “I am, partly… I’ll be sure to stay away from Mars until further notice, then.”
Ambassador gives a small smile, then her expression turns to concern.
Ambassador: “I wonder if it ends up destroying cybernetic sentients?”

Mira Kamiguwa shrugs “The infected ones might need to be terminated yes, the virus sends them mad thinking that they are human.”

Ambassador nods slowly, looking down.
Ambassador: “Do they then become volatile, or cause any other type of disturbance, in order to be terminated?”

Mira Kamiguwa: “I’m not sure yet, I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting of these ‘Alice’ virus carries yet.”

Ambassador saves the name “Alice Virus” and the descriptions the young lady has given regarding it in her memory.  She shifts in her seat a little – the new armor is quite stiff compared to the suits and components that were personal-fit for her at the Corporation. She feels an ache in her heart at the remembrance…

Mira Kamiguwa: “It’s not my problem – as long as these cybernetics don’t get an interest in my company, its some one else’s problem.”

Ambassador looks up, smiling shyly at the young lady and nods in acknowledgment. She looks out though the long, spanned windows again.

Mira Kamiguwa gets up and decides to make her self some tea.  She makes one for the alien too just in case she might want one.

Ambassador realizes how quiet it’s gotten, and tries to make further conversation:
Ambassador: “I assume you are from Earth? Or are you also from an orbiting colony?”

Mira Kamiguwa hands her a cup.
Mira Kamiguwa: “I was raised on Earth yes, I grew up in one of the Asian sectors.”

Ambassador receives the tea with thanks, removing her mask to drink it.
Ambassador: “And you came to Hangars to begin your business?”

Mira Kamiguwa: “Yes but, well, I was assigned a position here by the board. I didn’t set up any business my self,” she giggled.

Ambassador leans slightly to one side briefly, chuckling. “Well, it would be easy to assume that you ran your own business, actually – you seem to have a good leadership sense about you.”
She finishes the last sips of the delicious tea and sets the cup down nearby.

Mira Kamiguwa: “The DRF is one of the largest companies in Asia,  No.2 on the stockmarket. I think I’d have a lot of work on my hands to keep it going all by my self.”

Ambassador blinks, tilting her head a little.
Ambassador: “The DRF?”

Mira Kamiguwa: “The Data Recovery Foundation;  we produce synthetic lifeforms for the wider market.”

Ambassador nods, beginning to realize the importance of this young lady before her.  Her programming recalls the data in her head that held the lady’s name. ‘Mira’? Yes, that’s what she said at the crash…
Ambassador: “Your company is widely needed then. Perhaps, if they specialize in data recovery, they may be able to find a kind of… ‘cure’ for the Alice virus? It would be wonderful if they were able…”

Mira Kamiguwa: “Well I’m in charge of the medical wing, my specialist knowledge does not cover viruses so much . The DRF has long lost its old meaning and coverer’s a great number of sectors now.  Tell me, what you do again?”

Ambassador nods, “I have studied for Ambassadorship with a Government-run corporation of Ferris Providence for over 20 years, — ”

Just then, Mira receives an on-call message from her company base.  She excuses herself from the conversation and stands up to go.

Ambassador stands and bows respectfully as Mira exits.  One last time before leaving as well, she views the outside.  With every person she learns more of here, this city’s images are ever-changing…

Rolling Out the Crimson Carpet

April 22, 2012 in RP by Ambassador

Ambassador continues her stroll around the neighborhood. She spots Lawrence Celestalis in the short distance.  She decides to approach Mr. Lawrence, hoping it wont’ be a bother…

Ambassador: “Good day, Mr. Lawrence. It’s good to see you.”
She bows politely.

Lawrence Celestalis turns, pretending not to have spotted Ambassador since she got out of her apartment.
“A true pleasure to meet you, how are you?”  He bows.

Ambassador: “Sir, if you have a minute…?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Of course.”

Ambassador looks down, carefully wording things…
“My personal circumstances have become… very strained, you see. I have taken residence in this city for an indefinite period of time, but though I’ve not much need for income, I… well, I simply feel like I must do something around here. It is very hard to find employment in Hangars.  Do you know where a good place to start is?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “I know it is. A good place to start is here and now. What are your skills, if I may ask?”

Ambassador: “I, well, I…”  She looks down and shrugs. “I am an Ambassador.  It’s really all that I know.  I have studied business and law, and…  it seems quite a challenge to apply here.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “I imagine you have quite a good knowledge of languages, as well?”

Ambassador: “I do, but that knowledge goes in and out; Words and phrases change with the times in many places, you know. And it seems I’ve been… occupied.. for quite a while before finding myself here.  I still try my best, though…”  she smiles shyly.

Lawrence Celestalis: “That’s good. Being an ambassador, I’m sure you know the basics of self defense. This is not connected to the job you may do for me, but to this dangerous town.”

Ambassador: “For you? What… business is it that you do?”  She tilts her head in curiosity, blinking.

Lawrence Celestalis: “We deal in past centuries arts and antiques.”

Ambassador: “Oh, that’s lovely!”  She clasps her hands happily.
Ambassador: “I don’t see the danger in such a business!”

Lawrence Celestalis: “My armour and the weapons, I wear them to discourage thieves.  And yes, my job is dangerous, we have many robbery attempts.”

Ambassador nods slowly, coming to better realizations…
Ambassador: “I see. It seems I should do the same, then. If I work for you… What is it, exactly, that you would have me do?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Legal affairs and P.R.”

Ambassador: “I’m not quite familiar yet with what laws are enforced in Hangers, I’m afraid, if any. From what I’ve come to know, there is very little enforcement, in fact… And not much to count on in the form of Government.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “We deal with other cities and sometimes other out-world colonies. We have a large legal database. I only need someone to take care of contracts and transactions.”

Ambassador nods, hoping that her opinions have not overstepped here.

Ambassador:  “Understood, then. I have much to learn from you, Sir, by way of Hangar’s legality. I hope you will allow me to be apprenticed by you in these things. I will do my best to learn and be of help.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “I appreciate your approach. We mainly deal with other cities as I said, Hangars is more of a safe base. I have to say my team is trained for defense and I am a former military myself, so not many dare to attack us;  Still, security is an important issue, to me. Have you got a weapon or something embedded in your chassis?”

Ambassador could not help but giggle at the term ‘chassis’ being used to describe her, but she continued on.
Ambassador:  “I have a few defensive abilities, yes, which I would like to explain at a time when we are in a more private setting. I will not mind making it clear at that time. I hope you understand…”
Ambassador nods sincerely.

Lawrence Celestalis: “I’m only concerned about your safety, Ambassador, you are free to let me know at due time, there’s no hurry at all. For the moment, welcome to Crimson Merchants Ltd.  …and my compliments for your elegance!”

Ambassador smiles at the warmth of Lawrence’s kind consideration.

Ambassador:  “Thank you, Sir, you are most kind.”

Celestalis removes the flip from his eyes.
Lawrence Celestalis:  “Oh, and the wage for the first three months is 4.500 credits per month.”  He extends a black and red credcard.
Lawrence Celestalis:  “This will be working in about four hours and will have the first month already available, should you have expenses for your new life in Hangars.”

Ambassador receives the card with both hands gently, feeling a certain new weight of responsibility, and hopes that she’s doing the right thing.
Ambassador:  “Thank you , Mr. Lawrence… Where and when, then, shall I begin my training? And should I wear specific armored clothing when I do?”

Lawrence Celestalis: “You should always protect yourself when in town, and yes, armoured clothing is a warning to ill-intentioned people.  Though, I think residents got the feeling it’s not a good idea to try to attack us by now. Due to the very nature of our goods we don’t have an office, but more apartments for meetings and secret warehouses.  I’ll see you tomorrow at my flat to start reviewing legal data and to explain you the basics of our business, if that is alright to you.”

Ambassador nods reassuringly.
Ambassador:  “I understand.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Is nine thirty a good time for you?”

She pauses for at least two seconds as her programming sets the scheduled time in her system. She suddenly speaks again.
Ambassador:  “Nine-thirty. Yes Sir. I will be there.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “Do you remember how to get there? If you don’t have a vehicle or some kind of jet pack, I can come pick you up.”

She nods again, the route from her set home location to Laurence’s apartment appearing inside of her mind.
Ambassador:  “Yes, I remember. Thank you, though, for your offer.”

Lawrence Celestalis: “If you need a vehicle, we surely can provide one.”

Ambassador decides against turning down an offer given a second time around.
Ambassador: “Yes then, a vehicle would be helpful, thank you.”

Lawrence Celestalis:  “That’s good, you’ll choose one tomorrow, then.  Thank you for accepting my offer, Ambassador and…we will need a name tomorrow, for your contract, you know?”

Ambassador chuckles, nodding once again.
Ambassador:  “Yes, indeed.”  She holds out her hand, and looks Lawrence in the eye.
Ambassador:  “Lalei. Just… ‘Lalei’.”

He extends his hand.
Lawrence Celestalis: “Welcome aboard, Lalei!”

Ambassador shakes his hand firmly as she’d always been trained to in the past. She looks up and smiles.
Ambassador:  “I will see you tomorrow, then.”

Celestalis smiles.
Lawrence Celestalis:  “Have a good night, Lalei.”

Ambassador bows and turns to leave. The night air is peaceful around her, and she smiles considering the upcoming endeavors…

Lawrence Celestalis extracts a small remote from his armour and pushes a button. A hovercar unshields and appears in the street…